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M Delish Boutique Grilling Book

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This listing is currently for the pre-sale of the grilling book, book three of my twelve book series "The Home Cook's Dozen".

Recipes include:

- Melissa's Bbq Sauce
- Universal BBQ Rub
- Grilled or Smoked Pork Roast, Brisket or Whole Chicken
- BBQ Chicken Pieces or Pork Ribs
- BBQ Sandwiches
- Corn & Tomato Salad
- Borracho/Charro/Baked Beans
- Marie’s Potato Salad
- Cheese Grits-
- Devilish Eggs
- Kickin’ Slaw

Bonus Recipes Include:

- Refrigerator Pickles
- Source recipes from my childhood memories/neighbors
- Country Mustard